The Home of Royal Artillery Point to Pointing since 1947 - Company Message
The grassland of the course is maintained by both Ned Cummins, Groundsman and Stan Rawlins who is our backbone as far as machines and knowledge is concerned.
After each meeting the course is:
  • carefully trodden in
  • all divots replaced and ‘heeled’ down
  • ring rolled to ensure an even surface
  • bends and fences are moved as and when required/needed
During the closed season in 2014 we are doing major work to the ground on the course:
  • repaired the damaged areas
  • re seeded patches around the fences and bends
  • filled in with good quality top soil
  • aerated the entire course twice, 3 times on the problem areas and bends. 
  • maintain a rigorous timetable of topping and mowing, to keep the grass growth as strong as possible.
The fences on the course are of birch construction on metal frames – either four to a jump or five for Fence 1.  These can be unbolted and moved with ease, either in sections or as an entire fence.
We aim to replace a minimum of two entire fences per year and the others are refurbished and repaired to ensure our standard is as high as ever.   The fences are repaired and maintained throughout the meetings and season by this team who take their job very seriously indeed.
Loading Section of fence 2
Loading Section of fence 2
Fence 2 loaded and ready to go
Fence 2 loaded and ready to go
Aerworx Aerator
Aerworx Aerator
Used on the course in April 2014